Skills & Strengths


  • Organizing and executing successful events
  • Excels in using Microsoft Office software
  • Communicates well and works well with others
  • Experience working with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign
  • Experience using Canva
  • Empathizes with others

Strengths (according to

  1. Restorative: I’m exceptional in figuring out issues and solving them.
  2. Achiever: I take great pride in being busy and keeping myself productive. I work hard and can do this for extended periods of time.
  3. Analytical: I consider all aspects of a situation to see the big picture. This helps me to pay attention to detail.
  4. Futuristic: I’m always thinking ahead, considering what my actions may affect and how the future may be depending on how a task is done.
  5. Relator: I can work well with others to achieve a common goal.

Context Statement

This page highlights the skills some skills that I could bring to the work force or graduate school. Although they seem fairly mundane, these are skills I’ve developed while at Agnes Scott College. The strengths section are from my StrengthsQuest during my first-year; I’ve found that these really describe me and they’re good for others to know about me. I’ve definitely embraced these aspects about me throughout mydevelopment as an undergraduate student.