The Homecoming of all Homecomings

Although I’d been fairly involved during Black Cat Week (homecoming week) at Agnes Scott during my first three years, I had no way of preparing for what my final Black Cat Week would bring.

During the summer, my co-chair had to resign form her position, which left me the sole Black Cat Chair for Mortar Board, meaning the only chair supervising the whole week of festivities. Knowing this in advance, I spent much of my time prior to the week getting ahead in classes and getting myself adjusted to the idea that I was going to be busy from sun up to past sun down every single night of the week. A week prior, I had already started sitting with the Junior class for hours on end as they rehearsed their play. I was going to be busy as a student and as a chair, but I wanted to make this the best Black Cat week for my fellow students.

One of the highlights from my week was being in the bell tower at midnight, ringing the bell to kick off my final Black Cat Week. It was a surreal experience, as the next time I hoped to be in there was to continue the tradition of ringing the bell when I have a job offer or graduate school admittance. I never imagined I’d ring the bell for Black Cat but I did, and it was a great way to start the week.

Honestly, the week was a blur, because it went by so quickly. I took pride throughout the week, knowing I wasn’t behind in any classes and was staying on top of all my extracurricular work as well. I kept myself disciplined so I could be at as much of the events a possible, and when people couldn’t make it to judge events, I was right there to offer assistance. I helped rally people for classes and encourages competing classes to help one another throughout the week. I don’t know how many times before or during the week I told students to take care of themselves: drink water, eat, get sleep, go to class, and do their homework.

The only time that was truly stressful for me was at the end of the week when the Senior Slideshow wasn’t properly done. It wasn’t my job, but I worked tirelessly over three hours to make it worthwhile for the senior class. I wanted them to be able to enjoy their memories, enjoy their moment they’d waited so long to witness. Of course, when the time came, the slide show didn’t work. Here I was in front of the college president and deans, unable to get the presentation working and freaking out about it. Luckily, another student knew of my woes and helped me, so I could go tally the scores for the week’s class competition.

This homecoming wasn’t super fun for me as it had been in the past. It was a sacrifice, but it was one I’d gladly make again. It allowed others to have the best time and to enjoy their time with one another. And in my moment of need, I was helped by someone I had been helping all week. It just goes to show, that when you give your all, you just may get the thing you most wanted and worked so hard for: the homecoming of all homecomings with your fellow classmates.

Context Statement

This page really highlights the experience during my last Black Cat in a very stressful role. I had various curve balls thrown at me, but I ended up having a successful experience because I worked hard and didn’t let anything phase me. This shows my dedication and commitment to not only Mortar Board, but anything that I put my mind to completing.

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